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The Hashbeats: Devs are Deving (Always)

What more can we say? The devs are deving. The flow is flowin’. Let's catch up on what’s been going on the past few weeks 👇 


  • “State of Hashflow” Q4 2023 📈
  • Never Too Much Solana 💜
  • Gear up 🧢
  • Hashgang Heroes: Meet Rashid.nem 👑
  • Basic Degenomics Season 2  Coming Soon🎙
  • Governance Updates 🏛️

Editor’s Note: To ensure we’re providing you with the meatiest updates possible, Hashbeats will now be on a monthly publishing schedule 🫡

“State of Hashflow” Q4 2023

Our quarterly ‘State of Hashflow’ report by Messari is out and here are some of the highlights looking back at Q4 2023:

✅ Hashflow Ethereum trading up 7% to $1.2B, 470 transactions/day

✅ Qualitative analysis of Hashflow 2.0 and Fees protocol

✅ HFT staked surpasses 6.3M, up 24% in Q4

✅ Fee implementation and Hashflow 2.0 set stage for growth in 2024!

We will be releasing more summaries on our account soon, but feel free to dive into the full report here: https://messari.io/report/state-of-hashflow-q4-2023 

Never Too Much Solana 

Last week, Hashflow significantly expanded on Solana and now has all of your favorite Solana tokens available for your trading pleasure (at the best rates of course) ☀️🖤🤍💜

Want more deets? Read our blog post and start swapping on SOL 👇

Gear Up

Pssst… want free Hashflow merch? 

We’re going to be giving away ‘Hashflow Starter Packs’ including a sweatshirt, a hat, and stickers 😱

More details to come, make sure you’re checking our Twitter, Discord, and of course our beloved Hashbeats for more alpha ~

Hashgang Heroes: Meet Rashid.nem

This Issue’s Hero is @rashidnem, who has been a Hashgang member since 2022 and has participated in nearly all of our contests since then. He was also among the top warriors in Season 1 of the Hashverse from @battleflygame. With his gaming chops, it’s no surprise that he’s a dual Mortal Kombat and Game of Thrones fanatic 🐲

Get Ready for Season 2

Missed us on Basic Degenomics? Our beloved spaces will be back soon (👀), but in the meantime check out our CMO/CSO Andrew Saunders on the following space for a little interim alpha 😉

The Crypto Rundown where Andrew talks about Solana vs. Ethereum. 

Governance Updates

That’s a wrap for now. More new product features, announcements, and Hashverse updates are coming - make sure to follow @hashflow to stay early and plugged-in  👀