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The Hashbeats: Wormhole Wonderland 🌪️

Welcome to the latest edition of HashWormbeats. For the month of February, we partnered with Wormhole, an interoperability platform, to highlight our cross-chain capabilities and more. Let's catch up on what’s we’ve been up to 👇 


  • Hashflow x Wormhole at ETHDenver 👀🚨
  • Wormhole Case Study 🌪️
  • Calling All Rifters 💻
  • Basic Wormholenomics 🎙
  • Governance Updates 🏛️

Hashflow x Wormhole at ETHDenver

This is an urgent message for all of our frens at ETHDenver. Find our Hashflow swag at Wormhole’s Club Hologram event TOMORROW 2/29 from 11am-4:30pm. You can apply for an invite at this link

If you manage to grab some merch, send us your pics on X and tag the @Hashflow account so we can see your beautiful faces (and maybe even RT a few).

Here’s a reminder of the awesome swag you could snag 👇

Wormhole Case Study 

In case you hadn’t noticed: Wormhole + Hashflow = dream team 🖤🤍🌪️

Earlier this month, Wormhole released a case study observing the results of Hashflow integrating with Wormhole’s interoperability platform, and how that provides you with a better cross-chain swap experience. 

The results of the study? Hashflow on Wormhole is able to: 

  • Facilitate seamless, native-to-native cross-chain swaps at the best prices
  • Support cross-chain trading between EVM chains (Ethereum and Arbitrum) and Solana, and be the only DEX that is currently able to do so
  • Provide a ~50% reduction in network fees

Read the full case study below 👇

Calling All Discord Degens

Introducing Rifters, the latest Discord role only available via our latest quest with Wormhole. You can earn this special role on Hashflow’s and Wormhole’s Discord servers by completing a new quest. 

Here’s the mission: 

  1. Follow @hashflow and @wormholecrypto on X
  2. RT this announcement tweet
  3. Join and get verified on both Hashflow’s and Wormhole’s Discord

Wormhole Quests 👉 https://zealy.io/c/wormhole/questboard

The Hashflow Guild 👉 https://guild.xyz/hashflow

Basic Wormholenomics

We got back on the mic on February 15th to chat with the good fellow @Robinsonburkey, Co-Founder and COO of @WormholeFdn.

In the words of Robinson:

"[Hashflow] is a step-function improvement for what exists today for going cross-chain…"

Want to find out why? Listen to the full episode for all the alpha on the Hashflow x Wormhole collaboration👇

Psssst…. Don’t tell anyone but you’ll be hearing more from us VERY soon 😉💙🧡

That’s a wrap for now. More new product features, announcements, and Hashverse updates are coming - make sure to follow @hashflow to stay early and plugged-in  👀