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The Hashbeats: Aaaaand We’re Back!

Miss us? We missed you! We hoped everyone had a safe and happy New Year. We are so excited for the places Hashflow will go in 2024 and can’t wait to share our plans with you. In the meantime, let's catch up on what’s been going on the past few weeks 👇


  • Another Day, Another 1B 🖤🤍
  • Volume Update 📈
  • Hashgang Heroes: Meet Martinoyolo 😎
  • Basic Degenomics: Season Close🎙️

Another Day, Another 1B…

What a way to kick off the new year! On Monday, Hashflow hit a huge milestone of $18 Billion total trading volume. 18B on 1/8? Everything is connected…

Volume Update 

Traders starting off the 2024 strong ~  Start trading now for the best rates in the market!

Hashgang Heroes: Meet Martinoyolo

This Issue’s Hero is Martinoyolo, who has been one of the most active Hashgang members and vocal supporters of Hashflow on CT in recent months. He was also among the top Gs who dominated Season 1 of the Hashverse. He’s the trifecta of a crypto daddy, dreamer, and doer!

Basic Degenomics: Season 1 Close 

We finished out 2023 and Season 1 of our weekly X Spaces, Basic Degenomics, with a Solana round table. To celebrate the launch of Hashflow on Solana, we chatted with the key players in the Solana ecosystem including Brian Friel from Phantom, Austin Federa and Ben Sparango from Solana, and Robinson Burkey from Wormhole. We went out with a bang with the highest listenership to date. We are looking forward to more learning and Degenomics in 2024 with the start of Season 2. Stay posted for more alpha coming soon 👀

That’s a wrap for now. More new product features, announcements, and Hashverse updates are coming - make sure to follow @hashflow to stay early and plugged-in  👀