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Hashverse Season 1 has ended. Rest up Soldier🫡 🖤🤍

Hashverse Season 1 Has Ended. See You Next Season…

All good things must come to an end. Hashverse Season #1 has officially come to a close. We want to thank everyone for participating and making Hashverse Season 1 a success!

Here is a quick Season 1 recap by the numbers: 

  • 1M HFT Prize Pool
  • 6300 Hashverse Player Mints 
  • 142 Hashverse Artifacts Dropped
  • 19 Active Allegiances 
  • 12 Weeks of Gameplay
  • 3 Winning Teams

Drumroll please…. congratulations to the Top 3 winning Allegiances! 

Once again, a HUGE shoutout to all the Players and Allegiances who won a slice of the 1M HFT prize pool 🏆

Important Reminders 🏁

Withdraw from Battle Royale 5 Battle wallet

If you haven’t already, make sure to withdraw your deposit from your Battle wallet. As usual, individual HFT rewards for this Battle will be available for the top 500 players to claim on the Hashverse dashboard. If you’re eligible for HFT rewards, watch how you can claim them.

Claim your HFT Rewards by Monday, Dec 25, 2023

Head to the Hashverse Battle dashboard click on the Hashflow logo icon in the top right corner to claim your rewards.

Sign Your Allegiance Up for Season 2

Know of a CT community that would dominate the next season of the Hashverse? Sign up to be an Allegiance here and be in good company with the best of the Hashverse.

As always, we value community feedback and suggestions. Let us know your recs and feedback for Season 2 on Discord 🤝 discord.gg/hashflow

Thank you for playing! To be continued… 💪

That’s a wrap for now. More new product features, announcements, and Hashverse updates are coming - make sure to follow @hashflow and @hashverse to stay early and plugged-in  👀