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The Hashbeats: Issue #38

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It’s time for your bi-weekly helping of all things Hashflow! Here’s a quick recap of the progress made in the last few weeks 👇


  • Trading Fees and RevShare are here 🫡🖤🤍  
  • Messari “State of Hashflow” Q3 2023 report is out 📰
  • We’re Not Just Up. We’re 🆙
  • Hashgang Heroes: Meet Yami3Gami 🐐
  • Some More Updates 🤝 

Trading Fees and RevShare are here 

The devs did something 🫡🖤🤍

The Hashflow DAO’s approval of the protocol fees proposal on October 20th enabled the first revenue stream for the protocol and the community. Starting this week, Trading Fees officially launched with a nominal fee included on each trade on Hashflow. 

Hashflow trades will now have two types of fees:

  • Dynamic fees on blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-WETH, etc.)
  • Static fees on non blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-USDT, USDC-ARB, etc.)

This will benefit both Hashflow and HFT stakers. The approval of this DAO proposal has enabled another way for Hashflow to reward HFT stakers and generate revenue to offset the ongoing costs associated with operating the protocol. 

Below is how the new fees will be distributed. For an in-depth scoop, read the full announcement here 🤓 

“State of Hashflow” Q3 2023 Messari Report is Out!

Despite the broader market environment and falling volume across DEXs in the recent quarter, trade volume has continued to grow steadily on Hashflow!

Here’s some highlights:

  • Surpassed $15 billion in total trade volume in August (now over $17 billion).
  • Grew volume by 22% to over $1.18 billion on Ethereum despite DEX volume being down 24%.
  • Launched the Hashverse which led to a 170% increase in daily active users in the first ten days.

Read the full report here 👀

We’re Not Just Up. We’re UP.

We’ll let the numbers do the talking. So… are we back?

Hashgang Heroes: Meet Yami3Gami

Back by popular demand, here comes Hashgang Heroes, where we highlight a community member making waves and bringing DEXy back 💪

This Issue’s Hero is @Yami3Gami, who became THE Chad-pion of Battle Royale #2: Mad Maxis! He showed no mercy on and off the battlefield as he dominated his frenemies and crushed his daily quests to leap ahead. Will he triumph once again in the next Battle? Who will dethrone him?? Enter the Hashverse and stay tuned 👀 

Some More Updates…

🤝 Hashflow x Caddi

Caddi, a browser extension that helps traders save money on trades, has integrated Hashflow’s liquidity. Their users will now be able to trade multichain on leading blockchains and enjoy all the benefits of Hashflow 💪🖤🤍  

💼 We’re Hiring!

We’ve partnered with Encode Club to hire a badass front-end software engineer to help build a world-class DeFi product. This position is fully remote - learn more and apply through their Discord here

🎙️Basic Degenomics: LadyofCrypto & RuggedWojak

The last two guests on Basic Degenomics to say the least. We hit our highest listenership ever with the one-and-only @LadyofCrypto1, an altcoin hunter and trading extraordinaire. Next, we had researcher, gem-hunter, and IT specialist @RuggedWojak, who dropped his wisdom on trading strategies, market signals, and more.

Join us on X every Thursday at 12pm ET (16:00 UTC) to get the inside scoop and valuable alpha from top chads, creators, and DeFi degens.

That’s a wrap for now. More new product features, announcements, and Hashverse updates are coming - make sure to follow @hashflow and @hashverse to stay early and plugged-in 👀