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The Hashbeats: Issue #37

It’s time for your bi-weekly heaping helping of all things Hashflow! Here's a quick recap of progress on our product, growth, and all the latest news you can use 👇

It’s time for your bi-weekly heaping helping of all things Hashflow! Here's a quick recap of progress on our product, growth, and all the latest news you can use 👇


  • Hashverse Battle Royale #1: First Blood Officially Ended 🪐
  • Hash-volume Up. Vibes Up 🔊
  • The Hashgang Invades Podcasts 🎙️ 
  • Basic Degenomics: Spooky Special 🎃
  • Hashgang Heroes: Meet YoungThug @ The Lost Donkeys

Hashverse Battle Royale #1: First Blood Officially Ended

It’s been an intense several weeks here in the Hashverse 🪐

Since our launch on 9/20, over 5000 players have joined the Hashverse, and last week we officially closed our first ever Battle Royale! The drama, the smack talk, and the bloodshed…the Allegiances are already showing no mercy ⚔️

Congratulations to all the chad-pions and Allegiances who dominated Battle #1! 🏆

If you haven’t brought glory to your community yet, don’t worry, we’re just getting started…

Battle Royale #2: Mad Maxis will officially begin on Wednesday 10/18 at 14:00 UTC, and it’s now open for deposits! 

IMPT: SIZE MATTERS (read below) 🚨

To keep things spicy, we’ve implemented the following updates:

1️⃣ 500 XP is the new 250 XP 👀

All players who participate in Battle Royale will now receive 100% more XP for their participation alone.

2️⃣ A New Weapon for the Masses ⚔️

We are designing a new weapon for Battle that will launch during Battle #2. This new weapon will provide more attacks on the battlefield and be accessible to more players.

3️⃣ Increased Attack Percentages 🆙

- Sword of Hephaestus: Battle #1 = 10%, Battle #2 = 20%

- Hail Mary: Battle #1 = 5%, Battle #2 = 10%

- New Weapon: 👀

4️⃣ SIZE MATTERS: Volume Now Impacts BattleScore 💻

Beginning in Battle #2, trade volume is now a variable. The more you trade, the higher your BattleScore will be. The more you deposit into Battle Royale, the more volume you can generate!

IMPT REMINDER: YOU CAN ONLY DEPOSIT ONCE for each Battle, and you will not be able to add or withdraw until the end of the Battle - so make that deposit count!

Start rallying your troops, prepare for battle, and get ready to win a slice of that 1M HFT 🫡🖤🤍

And if you haven’t yet, join #🥊Smack-talk on our Discord!

Hash-volume Up. Vibes Up.

The traders are trading, what else is there to say? We fear no bear.

The Hashgang Invades Podcasts

Our CEO Varun, CMO/CSO Andrew (“Colonel Saunders”), and Thibault from our Operations & Data team joined the blocmates podcast (Youtube | Spotify) this week to share more on what the Hashverse is, the mechanics, and more alpha on how to WIN ⚔️

Right after, Colonel Saunders sat down with The Crypto Remora to drop even more alpha and marketing strategies on how to level up with these Arbitrum natives.

ICYMI, give em’ a listen 🎧

Basic Degenomics: Spooky Special

For this week’s episode of Basic Degenomics, Colonel Saunders also took the lead and got spooky with the Hashgang. He read several Halloween stories that would terrify even the bravest of CT gladiators, while emphasizing some DeFi musts (self-custody is king frens). This space definitely wasn’t for the feint of heart 🎃🖤🤍

Join us on Twitter every Thursday at 12pm ET (16:00 UTC) to get the inside scoop and valuable alpha from top chads, creators, and DeFi degens.

Missed the live convos? All episodes also live on our YouTube channel here

Hashgang Heroes: Meet YoungThug @ Lost Donkeys

With the launch of Hashverse, we’re bringing DEXy back for Hashgang Heroes 💪

Every two weeks, we will feature a brave warrior who’s slaying both on the Hashverse and CT/Discord battlefield. This issue’s Hero is Young Thug from The Lost Donkeys Allegiance! 🥕

Since the start of Battle #1, this Thug has been showing up on our #🥊Smack-talk Discord channel and CT. If there’s nothing else you take away from this, here it is: don’t mess with the Young Thug 👇

That’s a wrap for now. More new product features, announcements, and Hashverse updates are coming - make sure to follow @hashflow and @hashverse to stay early and plugged-in anon  👀