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The Hashbeats: All Things Arbitrum πŸ’™

Hello Hashflow frens and fam! We’re here to share our updates for March, let’s get into it πŸ‘‡ 


  • Arbitrum Native Aggregator πŸ’™πŸ–€
  • ARB Incentive Campaign πŸ›Έ
  • BD Energy - Hashflow x Lighter TOMORROW 🚨
  • Balancer, Camelot, TJ, Oh My! πŸ†•
  • Peep the Discord πŸ‘€

Arbitrum Native Aggregator

Last week, we unveiled our Aggregator+ feature on Arbitrum. This feature gives us the capability of scouring LPs across the Arbitrum ecosystem guaranteeing users have access to all the liquidity available AND we ensure you’re getting the best prices on Arbitrum tokens πŸ˜‰ 

For more information, read our announcement here.

Happy trading!

ARB Incentive Campaign

On Pi Day, we announced we're giving out more than $700,000 worth of $ARB tokens to our users on Hashflow! 😱 If you trade Arbitrum on Hashflow, you can earn $ARB tokens! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Non-stable to stable swaps = 2 ARB per 1000 USD
  • Stable to stable swaps = 2.5 ARB per 10,000 USD

After any trade on Arbitrum, you can visit this link to check your balance and claim your piece of the pie πŸ₯§

*Trades may take some time to show up on the claim page*

This is a weekly payment structure. Eligible rewards will be computed, displayed, and made claimable each Thursday, starting on March 24th.

BD Energy

During the month of March, we had three episodes of Basic Degenomics: 

Hashflow introduces Aggregator+

On March 8th, 3 members of our E-Team sat down to chat about the Aggregator+ launch and its benefits for the community. We got to hear from our CMO/CSO Andrew, our CTO and Co-Founder Victor, and our CEO and Co-Founder Varun. You can listen to the full space here

Hashflow x Arbitrum Foundation

On March 13th, Peter Haymond, the guy in charge of DeFi Partnerships at Offchain Labs,  joined us to talk about our Aggregator+ and what that means for the Arbitrum community. You can listen to the full space here.

🚨Hashflow x Lighter 🚨

TOMORROW March 28th at 12pm ET, we will be joined by the CEO and Founder of Lighter, Vladimir Novakovski to talk about Hashflow’s integration with their platform and how our Aggregator+ enhances the lives of both Hashflow and Lighter users. Tune in to this week’s episode here or if you missed it you can listen later at the same link. 

Balancer, Camelot, TJ, Oh My!

One of the upgrades of being an Aggregator+ was the addition of several liquidity sources, many of which you know and love already. We wanted to give them a shout out in this newsletter since they are helping Hashflow make the best possible trading experience for the Arbitrum community πŸ’™πŸ§‘

Shout out Balancer, Camelot, Lighter, Pancakeswap, Trader Joe, and Uniswap!!

ARBregator Infiltrates Discord

Finally, our discord stickers have gotten an upgrade and now feature our favorite little blue alligator astronaut, the ARBregator. Head over to our Discord to break in the new emoticons and check out a little preview below ~